Phyllis' Riccia Educational Group (Faith Montessori)

644 Dunearn Road,
Singapore 289627
6464 9165 / 9388 9470
Courses Offered
Age Range
1.5 Years Old-12 Years Old

Over the years the philosophy of our school has evolved into a set of clearly stated and closely practised beliefs. These beliefs focus on health, communication, relationship, energy control and intelligence. The school emphasizes on teaching values and life-skills as we value and support every aspect of the child, adult, and nature.Through these values, children develop into happy, successful and caring individuals.

We value the relation between teaching and learning, listening and acting, aesthetics and utility, as well as parents and programme. Our children's strong calibre, potential and intelligence become known to all, including the children themselves.
Likewise, in providing a pre-school programme, each and every single effort from the school will have one thing in common: the focus will be on the development of the child as a whole.  With persistency in setting aside time for both children and adults for reflection, research and improvement, our school has demonstrated the philosophy of valuing children, adults and nature in our environment.
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