• Review Policy

Review Policy

EdValue is our online home. As a community, we hold the power and responsibility to make our home as fun, inviting, and helpful as we want. To strengthen its foundation, we abide by the set of review policy listed below. We take care to report any content that falls outside of our review policy and rely on one another to do the same.


Postings must be family friendly

  • No attacks on race or religion
  • No objectionable language and images, including but not limited to profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, racial/ethnic slurs, hate speech, personal insults, hostile comments, and threatening language.
  • No multiple identical postings
  • No spamming and harassment of EdValue members
  • No disparaging remarks about other EdValue members’ comments
  • No seditious comments
  • No use of any inappropriate language


EdValue Forums are for educational related discussion. They are not chat rooms.

  • No advertising in any form or kind is allowed, especially from establishment owners and employees.
  • Do be accurate in your description of your experiences with education/enrichment centres when writing your review. We do value reviews that are objective, provide details and give every reader in our EdValue community a good understanding of your experience.
  • No abuse of education/ enrichment centres and owners and staffs will be allowed. Reviews are strictly prohibited from identifying educational/enrichment centres owners or staff by name, and are not allowed to harass, abuse, make false statements, defame, impersonate someone else or conduct anything illegal or otherwise objectionable content. In the event of any doubts on whether there are any violations on this front, EdValue reserves the right to make the final decision on this
  • No Calls for boycott of any education/enrichment centres, courses, programs, workshops and events
  • You must submit original reviews that represent your own experiences with education/enrichment centres. All reviews found to be based on second-hand information or hearsay (unverified information, rumours, reported opinions of others) will be removed.
  • Any reviews that contain accusations of illegal activity, malpractice, health code violations (e.g. food poisoning) and false advertising will be removed from EdValue.
  • Please follow all standard etiquette when writing your review. Do not write your review in CAPS. Excessive use of typographic symbols and slangs are also strongly discouraged.
  • Any review deemed to be off-topic may be removed. This means that the review does not focus anything on the education/enrichment centres, their courses, workshops and programs and value the education / enrichment centres provides.
  • EdValue reserves the final right to remove any reviews or management response immediately.
  • The reviews posted on EdValue are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of EdValue members, and not that of the founders and staff running EdValue. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses.


Harrassment of other members will not be tolerated.

  • No Argumentative, off-topic exchanges
  • Multiple messages targeting any member(s) for insults, attacks or personal comments
  • Challenges to another member’s rights to participate on our site
  • Sarcastic asides and snide comments
  • Allegation of fraudulent reviews or form posts directed towards or regarding, a specific person or education/enrichment centres on EdValue.


The forums are not a trading post

  • Please do not post offers to sell or buy tickets to events, unused courses, programs, workshops or other goods or services. It’s certainly OK to ask for advice and recommendations for education/enrichment centres, programs, workshops and education related events but please do not conduct business on the forums.


Self-promotion, advertisements, solicitation and SPAM are strictly prohibited.

We welcome referrals, recommendations and critiques from our members. If you own or represent a business or website, however please take note of the following policy and above all please do not use forum to solicit new customers or promote your services.


Business Owners and Representatives

  • We encourage you to include objective information about your business in the "Description" section of your profile so that members can easily find more information about your business. You may also post pictures of your business and your logo, as your avatar
  • Please refrain from posting commercial links and commercial or personal contact information in the forums unless it is directly requested.
  • Parents / Students do not visit the forums to be solicited or “sold to.” Please do not recommend your business on the forums, even if your business would seem to be an ideal fit for a parents/student’s needs. Other forum members may recommend businesses or properties, but as an owner or representative you may not recommend your own business.
  • If you'd like to participate in a discussion related to your business or a competitor's business, we ask that you clearly state your affiliation as a representative. Our members are entitled to this information so that they can be aware of any potential bias in your comments. A simple statement like, "Hi, I'm Sam from XYZ Education Centre," is sufficient disclosure.
  • There are times when you may want to join a conversation that is NOT directly related to your business. In these cases, we allow (but do not require) you to mention your affiliation with your business. Please do not use this as an opportunity to solicit new clients, provide contact information, or post commercial links.
  • We encourage you to post a professional response to comments regarding your business and make a sincere effort to resolve complaints, but please do not use this as an opportunity to solicit new clients.
  • You must completely refrain from posting any critical comments about your competitors.


Do not post contact or personal information about other members without permission.

  • We ask all members to respect the privacy of others, and refrain from exposing the real names, home addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of other members. We do allow members to include the names and contact information of business representatives or property owners in their comments regarding that particular business, property or service.
  • Note: If you include your own personal information in a forum post, it will be viewed and potentially used by any and all who see it... including people you'd probably rather not hear from.


Every person is limited to one display name.

  • Consider your display name to be your passport to the EdValue travel forums. Every person is limited to one display name; members with multiple display names/memberships will be banned. Do not create separate memberships to impersonate other members or EdValue staff or you'll quickly be deported from the forums.


No misrepresentation of EdValue's staff, policies, or procedures.

  • False or speculative claims about EdValue, our policies, and procedures will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Display names and forum posts should not contain anything that would represent you as a member, representative, or ambassador of EdValue staff. Private correspondence with EdValue staff should not be reproduced, summarized, or discussed in the public forums unless EdValue staff specifically requests it. Typically, if we want information to be public knowledge, a EdValue staff member will post it, or we will publish it under an official EdValue announcement, also known as a sticky topic.


Feedback about EdValue must be limited to the Feedback Function located on the left hand side of the web portal or communicated directly to EdValue.

  • We love hearing your thoughts on how to make EdValue better, but keep in mind that our forums are not the best place to share your comments. In most cases, feedback in these forums takes the conversation off-topic. More importantly, we may not even see your comments in these forums, unless or until someone reports them to us as off-topic or inappropriate. Please visit Feedback to give us your feedback and comments


  • Please keep in mind that the EdValue forums are not the place to make allegations of fraud regarding a specific person or education on EdValue. Nor are the forums a place to complain about decisions made by EdValue's editors and moderators. To let us know your feedback on these issues, you'll need to contact us directly.


Please note that EdValue members also have the ability to flag suspected violations. All reviews and any other contributions that are in violation (or suspected violation) of EdValue's Review Policy will be removed. EdValue also reserves the right to ban any EdValue user accounts that are used to commit the violations.


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